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Operation Beautiful.

So, how many of you constantly find yourself staring at the numbers flashing back at you on the weighing scale, or thinking you’re just “too big” because you can’t fit into your skinny jeans anymore?

I certainly have.

Many girls, or women tend to pick on their flaws. It sometimes seems like one of the favorite pastimes of women are to either a)critique women and their appearance or b) critique their own looks. Neither of which seems healthy to me.

So maybe it’s time for us to stop criticizing people’s looks, or putting ourselves down, saying that we’re fat or ugly.

It’s not easy.

I recently came across this website, called Operation Beautiful. Their aim is to end negative self-criticism and allow people to realise how destructive negative criticism really is.

I’ll try this tomorrow, and upload a picture of my message if I can!

I hope you’ll do the same too.

ohsewfashionable ;D

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how very true.

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I’m mourning the loss of my cardigan.

well it has been a horrible week. It all started on monday, when I lost my cardigan in a cab. One that I just bought in Tokyo a mere three weeks ago. Oh, and it’s been a week and I haven’t heard from the cab company as of yet. I’ve pretty much given up all hope of getting it back. And to add onto that, after an hour or so of painstakingly hunting for the brand that sold my cardigan online (I stupidly threw away their catalogue), I finally managed to find my cardigan on their online shop!

…However, turns out its already sold out.


Lady luck really isn’t on my side today, is she?

Well the only upside to this entire week is that I managed to find a few japanese sites which sell ADORABLE clothes&accessories!

I still miss my cardigan though. here’s a picture of it. pretty, ain’t it?  Well now I’ve learnt my lesson. Clearly cabbies in Singapore aren’t all that trustworthy after all.

Anyway! If you guys want to check out the shop I bought this adorable cardigan from, here’s the link! 🙂

mind you, its all in japanese though.

(thank god for google translator, yes?)

ohsewfashionable ;D


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alldressedup Fall/Winter 2010

credit for pictures:

Even though I did not get to watch the alldressedup Fall/Winter 2010 Collection at the Audi 2010 Fashion Week, I’ve got to say I was pretty much blown away by the pictures. I’m generally not one to like harlem pants, or anything or the sort, but alldressedup pulled the look off perfectly. The tailored pants in 1,2 and 3 looked exquisite and the pleating done below the waistline made it look well-tailored, not sloppy. The harlem pants are often a hard look to pull off, considering how they usually make one’s hips and upper thighs look unflatteringly wide, but when it’s done with such pleating (similar to men’s tailored pants) it looks quite tasteful and chic, actually. Well, I’ve got to say, after seeing alldressedup’s pants, I might just be a convert.

Their sportswear inspired jackets were also incredibly chic. The nylon (well I’m assuming its nylon), seemingly lightweight material of the jackets, paired with the feminine rouching of the collar of the jacket was a unique touch. The juxtaposition of the feminine collar with such a sporty silhouette definitely caught my eye. I will definitely buy it, if only the weather in Singapore wasn’t nearly so hot.

Throughout the collection, they experimented with loose drapey silhouettes as well, especially in their dresses. The gold dress was very much on trend, with the bat-like sleeves which we’ve been seeing on the shelves lately, while the pleated (well I think it was pleated from the picture) detailing on the blue printed dress was an interesting detail to the whole outfit.

My favourite outfit out of all these would definitely be the romper. The bow detailing at the waist is just adorable and I love the volume in the bottom half of the romper. What a new take on the bubble skirt! I’d love to get my hands on that one.

ohsewfashionable. ;D

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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